Business and employee optimization coaching are not counseling services. Life and Success Coaching are not counseling services.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is not clinical counseling, psychotherapy, medical treatment, or legal or financial advice. Time Integration for Maximum Empowerment™ (TIME) Techniques are also not medical treatments but merely a collection of techniques for eliminating negative emotions, disempowering beliefs and limiting decisions from the past, while creating and setting achievable, desirable goals to create a compelling future.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) involves tapping key acupressure points (acupoints) on the hands, face, and body with your fingertips while focusing on uncomfortable feelings or concerns, and using positive affirmations to neutralize those feelings.

Neither Jan Ferguson, members of his team, nor his parent corporation WebComm Solutions, Inc. (dba "NLP & Coaching Institute"), provide clinical counseling, psychotherapy, medical treatment, or legal or financial advice of any type. Hypnotherapy, coaching, EFT and TIME Techniques are not meant to be a substitute for clinical counseling, treatment for suicidal ideation, depression, or severe psychiatric problems. The information provided by Jan Ferguson or any member of the team does not constitute legal or professional advice and is not intended to be. It is to be used for educational and inspirational purposes only.

As a client, it is important to understand the difference between hypnotherapy or coaching and clinical counseling or psychotherapy. While there are similarities between hypnotherapy/coaching and clinical counseling/psychotherapy. the major differences are in the goals, focus and level of professional responsibility. Clinical counseling and/or psychotherapy is a health care/medical service and is usually reimbursable through health insurance policies. Hypnotherapy/Coaching is not a health care or medical service. EFT and TIME Techniques are not medical procedures. Therefore, hypnotherapy and coaching services, as well as EFT and Time Technique sessions, are not reimbursable through health insurance policies.

Hypnotherapy, business coaching, or personal coaching services are not licensed by the state nor are they required to be. These services do not include the practice of medicine, psychology, psychiatry, or any other healing art, since I am not a licensed physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, counselor or licensed health worker.

Non Resistance Selling Experience Disclaimer

We've take every effort to ensure we accurately represent our products, services, and programs, and their potential to help you grow, personally and/or professionally. However, there is no guarantee that you will earn earn any money using the techniques you will learn from us in specific programs or in personal or professional development. Your level of success in attaining similar results to results mentioned is dependent upon a number of factors including your willingness to work, skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, financial situation, desire, motivation, and luck. Any forward-looking statements outlined on our sites, in our offerings, or even in our presentations are simply our point of view of future potential, and thus are not guarantees or promises for actual performance. As stipulated by FTC law, we make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from our ideas or models presented in the products, and we offer no professional legal or financial advice.

Affiliate Disclaimer

At times, Jan Ferguson and/or WebComm Solutions, Inc. may enter into affiliate relationships with other brands or companies and promote those affiliated products on the personal and/or Company websites and/or social media, newsletters, or other media venues. Your purchase of an affiliate product is subject to these terms and conditions as well as any terms and conditions from the affiliate that Jan Ferguson and/or the Company has partnered with, and you are always welcome to utilize a non-affiliate link when making purchasing decisions.

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